Speaking to my own ghost.

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Yesterday I couldn’t attend the opening of Glyph Graves’ new installation at Inworldz Translation sim.  The sim wouldn’t allow me to connect to it. I tried and tried, using three different viewers.  I was able to get onto the SecondLife LEA21 sim for SL’s side of the multi-grid communication experiment.  See, the deal is that from either world, you will see a ghost appear of whoever’s avies are present on the sim in the other world.  By clicking on the ghost, barring any technical issues (like a slow internet connection) you can speak to that avie in the other world in your own open chat.

Today I gave it a shot and found SL’s side at LEA21 to be empty of traffic – except for PatriciaAnne Daviau.  I found out from her that she was also present at the Inworldz Translation sim… so naturally, I had to log in to Inworldz and go there too.  Now we were both present simultaneously in both worlds.  Now it gets interesting because our ghosts now appeared in both worlds as well.  By clicking on our own ghost, we could chat with ourselves in the other world.

This is an intriguing idea, thought up by the redoubtable Glyph Graves, who likes to crash sims almost as much as I do.  The tech utilizes the same multi-grid communication protocols that were used by the now-defunct Radionne multi-grid communicator of a few years ago.

This is a screenshot of PatriciaAnne and myself logged in simultaneously to both SecondLife and Inworldz, and our respective ghosts:

PatriciaAnne Daviau and myself logged in simultaneously to SL and Inworldz.

PatriciaAnne Daviau and myself logged in simultaneously to SL and Inworldz.

…and our respective ghosts.

The following pic is of one of my oldest friends – Glyph Graves, when he was assisting me with one of my first Second Life art shows at Rezzable Visions in October of 2008.

Glyph Graves is mesmerized at my Rezzable Visions show in October of 2008.

Glyph Graves is mesmerized at my Rezzable Visions show in October of 2008.


New Profile Pic

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wizzy profileI’m having this printed onto a 16×20 inch canvas.  I think it will look marvy in my bathroom over the toilet.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

I was six years-old and in first grade.

Wizzy Wireframe

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wizzy wireframe2

Wizzy Seeks Enlightenment

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At long last Wizzy finds the Crystal Matrix, but discovers the Isotropic Grid extends in all directions to Infinity. Slipping effortlessly into meditative trance, Wizzy makes the connection to the Higher Planes…

A Gif version of this also exists:

Making the connection to the higher planes.

Trillium Geometry – the Seed and Fruit of Life

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Perhaps you are familiar with Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life.  This is not that.


This is the Trillium Seed of Life.

It is based on a 3-fold symmetry and incorporates three Vesica Piscis.

From this we can build the Trillium Fruit of Life.


This can be used to build the Trillium Flower of Life.


With a little bit of work, this can be generalized into an equilateral triangle, then a second reversed triangle is superimposed over it.  This gives us the Trillium Merkaba of Life.


Notice how the area of intersection has reverted to the traditional six-fold Flower of Life geometry, whereas the points retain the Trillium three-fold symmetry.

The Trillium Flower of Life

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trillium seed of life black

Some of you are familiar with the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life that we find in the discipline of Sacred Geometry.  But wait, there’s something wrong with this.  It’s not the Seed of Life we are familiar with.

This is similar to the Seed of Life we are familiar with, but there’s something slightly off.

I call this the Trillium Seed of Life.  Combining with others of its kind, it will form this – the Trillium Fruit of Life:tridimensional seed of life black

If we combine this with others of its kind we get this:

trillium circles colored threes black

I call this the Trillium Flower of Life.  This flower is of the Trillium family, in that it has only three-fold symmetry.

As far as I am aware, this is an original discovery.

Copyright © Wizard Gynoid 2013

The Dark Side of my Head.

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The Dark Side of my Head.

Like the moon, you never get to see the back side of my head.

So here it is.

You are welcome.

Talk to me.

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Wizzy is my creator


Latest Perfected Version of the E8 Polytope

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I have been remiss in reporting on the status of the latest perfected version of the E8 Polytope.  This 200 meter diameter version is rezzed on my Wizzy’s Workshop sim on Inworldz and fills the entire sim.  Clouds cluster around the top of it.

The 3D projection is rotating over the 2D projection.  The 3D projection is a 7,159 prim rotating object.  I have applied for the Guiness World Record for the most prims in a rotating object.

The object is painted in the colors of the rainbow.


Through the Looking Glass.

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There’s something about an Alice in Wonderland-themed build that is like Easter.  Both seem to have an absurd affinity for brightly colored mushrooms, eggs and rabbits.  The Mad Hatter Art Fest on InWorldz is plenty absurd and filled with lotz of brightly colored mushrooms, eggs and rabbits.  A lot of it is good.  Art that is.

My own entry is this thing:

This is entitled, originally enough, “Through the Looking Glass.”

A lot of peeps much more talented than me have gone to absurd lengths to create ossum Alice in Wonderland theme parks.  I saw a good one at SL5B and another one about a year ago in Secondlife.  So let’s just say I didn’t aspire to write the book about Alice in Wonderland theme parks.

The title alone here might be enough to tip off the brightest lightbulbs or the sharpest knives among you that you really ought to get up there and go through the damn looking glass.  Once you do, you might be encouraged to find the mushrooms and do what they tell you to do.  If you do, don’t blame me.  I warned you.

http://places.inworldz.com/Immersiva/85/119/32 <– This here thing is an IZURL.  It’s like a SLURL only it only workz in Inworldz.

I decided to do my nails today.

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Ta da.  The final product.  So what do you think?

Thirza Pings me in Inworldz.

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Thirza Ember comes to call at my Wizard region in Inworldz: http://pingsfromtheafterlife.blogspot.com/2012/02/rhomb-here-to-eternity.html

New Project

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I’m working on a new project.  I am using the Golden Rhombus as a building block and the Flower of Life is the theme.

Photo courtesy of Astra Thorne.

Newly Discovered Complex Polyhedron

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While I was in my workshop on Inworldz, playing around with various shapes that are made of the Golden Rhombus, by accident I stumbled upon a previously undiscovered complex polyhedron.  I went online and searched for any information about this particular shape and couldn’t find anything.  I found a similar object on Wolfram, but this one is definitely different.

The Golden Rhombus is a geometric object of Sacred Geometry.  This is because the width to length is in the Golden Ratio – Phi.  This particular object is made up of 222 equal faces that are the Golden Rhombus.  The object has 444 edges.

Since I have previously discovered the Wizardgynoiderene and the Rhombic Gynoidahedron, I am naming this object the Fractal Rhombic Triagynoidahedron.  The object is now on display on my “Wizard” sim in http://inworldz.com .

222 equal faces, 444 edges.

Exploring New Territory

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I only just completed my latest geometric monstrosity.  It is only 950 prims, but it has four electrons orbiting around it.  It can be seen on my “Wizard” sim on Inworldz.  This object is beautiful I think.  It is a further exploration of old territory.  I’ve been working with shapes like Buckminster Fuller’s Vector Equilibrium and Nassim Haramein’s Vector Matrix for some time now.  (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryyCgHo-gns&feature=g-upl&context=G24ad2c2AUAAAAAAABAA )

This time I fractalized it more, added skins and the 14 octahedra that can be found inside.

Since completing that I’ve moved into unknown territory. I am currently obsessed with a fractal rhombic dodecahedron.  After I built it in SecondLife, I thought I noticed another basic building block inside it.  I took the fractalized object to Inworldz and started dissecting it.  Indeed, inside I found a building block (polyhedron) that looks like it can tesselate space. (Which is similar to tiling a plane, only it’s in 3D.)

After I pulled the new polyhedron out of the fractalized rhombic dodecahedron, I tried to look it up on the internet to find out its name.  It’s a regular polyhedron, because all six faces are the same polygon – a golden rhombus.  But nowhere could I find it described.  So until I find out otherwise, this newly discovered object I call a Rhombic Gynoidahedron.

I’m experimenting with this new building block on an upper building platform over my “Wizard” sim in Inworldz.  You’re welcome to take a look at it if you want.

I’m looking for a new home for my masterpiece.

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From 2/6/2009 until this week I had two sims on Reaction Grid.  Desdemona Enfield and I had the task of hammering on the Reaction Grid almost from its inception.  We used some pretty severe rez scripts that we developed in Second Life.  Almost immediately we started finding and reporting bugs in the open sim script engine.

Once some of those were ironed out, I went to work rezzing my masterpiece.  In Secondlife, I had built a 6,720 prim version of an 8-dimensional object called the E8 Polytope.  That is documented elsewhere on this blog.  Here on the open sim I sought to enhance and perfect the work that was started in Secondlife.

The attraction was the lack of limitations in the open sim.  There was no ten meter limit to the size of a prim, so the overall object could be built very big.  I planned to have the object fill the 256 x 256 meter sim.  Ultimately, I was successful with the object’s diameter being about 200 meters.  It rose 200 meters high and its top was in the clouds.

After spending days with this object I realized that I could define a polyhedron by putting a skin onto the wireframe object.  This I accomplished and documented my discovery of what I called the “Wizardgynoiderene.”

A 3D version as well as a 2D version were rezzed, bringing the total prims of the structure to over 13,000.  I then added some more discoveries of spirals hidden in the internal structure and notecard givers with information about this amazing object.

There she sat until this week when my Art Students at Cal State Long Beach informed me that they couldn’t find the sim.  Sometimes the sims on Reaction Grid went down and had to be restarted, so I filed a Support Ticket with Reaction Grid.  It was then that I discovered the sims were no longer available:

“We are unable to support donated sims any longer. I am sorry if you had disappointed students. Thanks for understanding.”

So I’m now looking for a permanent home for my masterpiece.

Watch as Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin explore my sim for Treet TV’s Designing Worlds:

Designing Worlds & Treet TV visit Wizard Gynoid\’s sim on Reaction Grid

Justice League Drama

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Apparently there are these avatars who run around Secondlife in their underwear, thinking they are superheroes.  Problem is that their vigilantism has led them to compile a database on SL citizens with private RL information linked to their virtual identities, like IP address, street address, real name, and more.  #JLUgate is what I’m calling it. http://bit.ly/qd8F3Z

The last time this sort of thing happened the perpetrator ended up in RL jail.  #redzonegate

Apparently, the JLU was successful at having one of Prok’s blogs removed/deleted. http://bit.ly/oMP9Qb #JLUgate

The Case of the Missing Meeroo

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Despite the fact that I was the last one to tweet @BritishMeeroo (with an offer of candy) I deny any involvement in his disappearance.  I have a good alibi.

At long last, the Linden Endowment for the Arts is endowing a sim to an artist to build and display their art. What a concept.

@rodvik says that new signups are up 60%.  if so, why is concurrency flat?

Google continues to be an asshat, but internal leaks seem to indicate that not everyone at Google Inc. is happy with the way Google+ names policy is going.

Never try to teach a pig to wrestle.

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“Never try to teach a pig to wrestle. You only get muddy and the pig enjoys it.”

Inara Pey may be a nice lady.  I don’t know her.  Some of my friends evidently do. But I call bullshit.

At the risk of flogging a dead horse, here we go again.  Ms. Pey has decided to take me on for what she calls my “Attitude.”  In case you are unaware, I recently called her on a factual error she made in her summary of Rod Humble’s keynote address to SLCC.  In a comment to her blog I pointed out that she had reported that the Linden Lab CEO had claimed that “LL’s income is over $75 million,” when in fact what he said was that LL’s Gross Revenue is over $75 million.  For you non-accountants out there, Revenue is the “top-line.”  Revenue minus your costs (like labor and rent and servers) = Income.  Income is the “bottom-line.”  To confuse the two is a big mistake and very misleading for an unaware reader.

I’m sure Linden Lab would love for people to think it was true.

Irregardless, as I was posting a second comment to her blog, she corrected her error in the Blog text and then proceeded to delete my comment.  I watched it happen in real time.  I posted several comments then and each one was deleted until I informed her that I had screen shots.

She is now claiming that she reacted in this manner because of a previous blog comment of mine, where I complained that her many misspellings of “patent” as “patient”  were distracting me from what she was trying to say. In that blog she did a similar thing — corrected her mistake and then deleted my comment.

In both cases, she directed her ire at me personally, for my attitude.  This is known as the “Ad Hominem” attack — attack the person instead of addressing the issue.

The day before yesterday I blogged about these incidents, only because they are so outrageous.  I let the first incident go, in fact I had forgotten about it.  But the second incident exposes a pattern and requires some attention.

Ms. Pey has now responded to my blog post.   http://wizardgynoid.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/todays-dramas-6/#comments

She continues to assert several interesting things.  She claims that she deleted my comments because of my “immature threat.”  In fact, she deleted the comments before I told her I had screen shots that showed she was doing so. She then claims that I followed her on Twitter so as to tweet about the matter.  In fact, I tweeted first about what was happening.  Some time afterwards I searched to see if she was on Twitter.  Finding her, I tried to follow her but found that I was already blocked from doing so.  She then calls me “childish.”

It is not necessary for me to follow someone to tweet about them.

Next she challenges my account of the number of misspellings of “patient” for “patent.”  She makes the claim that she only found two and corrected them.  So she admits that there were a significant number of them, since two remain.  It so happens that I found the original version of that blog in Google cache.  There it is in its pristine glory, before I alerted her to the many misspellings.  http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:XtoRMZkyL5sJ:modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/the-viewer-licence-to-patent/+http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/the-viewer-licence-to-patent/&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com

As you can see for yourself, in a blog on the topic of patents, she misspells patent as patient SIX  times.  My comment simply was that this was distracting.

As a matter of fact, her blog with the Income mistake (before my comments) is recorded for all to see in Google cache here:   http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:J59oEcSQN-YJ:modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/rodvik-at-slcc-2011-the-gist/+http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/rodvik-at-slcc-2011-the-gist/&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com

I might ask who is being childish?

Today’s Dramas

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@anonymous seems to accomplish what it sets out to do, perhaps purely due to the inertia of such big numbers.  Four BART stations shut down peacefully today after hacking two websites yesterday.

Today’s Dramas

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The Inara Pey Drama

Inara Pey has a blog.  I don’t know the woman but I’m sure she’s a nice lady.  She likes to blog about SL issues.  Recently she blogged about the SpotOn3d Copyright and Patent issues (which I have presented as a continuing Drama here.)  This is admirable, however after I mentioned in a comment that I found it distracting that over half of the words (5 or 6) meant to read as “patent” read “patient,”and that “license” was misspelled as “licence,” she took umbrage.  I read a lot of blogs and most of them make an attempt to edit their work.  As for comments about things of this nature, it has been my experience that reasonable bloggers simply acknowledge their mistake, thank you for your attention and move on.   Ms. Pey attempted to correct the numerous misspellings of “patient,” but left two.  It appears she wants to leave the impression that there were only two inadvertent misspellings.  She then deleted my comment, leaving my second comment about the spelling of the word “license.” It’s apparent from the context that there is a deleted comment.   http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/the-viewer-licence-to-patent/

Today Ms. Pey blogged a summary of Rod Humble’s keynote address at SLCC.  This too is laudable.  However, she made a mistake quoting Rodvik as saying that Secondlife’s annual income is over $75 million.  I’ve been following Secondlife’s financial claims closely and I knew this not to be factually correct, and I was certain Rodvik hadn’t actually said that.

I posted a follow-up comment that confirmed that Rodvik had said, “We publicly say that our top-line is at least $75 million.”  Top-line means Revenue, not Income.

Then I happened to notice that the blog had been changed so that “income” had been replaced by the hyphenated word “top-line.”  When I posted the second comment my first one disappeared.  It had been deleted.

Then my second comment disappeared.  Evidently, Ms. Pey had seen fit to correct her mistake but didn’t want anyone to see my comment, in the same manner as the earlier blog.  To me, this looks like pretending that no mistake had ever been made.  Perhaps she was hoping I wouldn’t notice.  I left another comment that read, “I think it would be a good idea for you to leave my post. i have screenshots that you are removing them.”  This comment then disappeared.

This was too much.  I posted a tweet about what was happening and the last comment suddenly reappeared, along with a reply that said, “The one-word error has been corrected. Grow up and stop making silly threats.” At this time, this comment and reply remain on the blog along with my final comment.  The blog post has been locked from further comment. But you will see that Ms. Pey can’t spell the word “international” as well.  I have also been blocked from following her on Twitter.

See for yourself: http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/rodvik-at-slcc-2011-the-gist/

Today’s Dramas

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Google continues it’s asshat behavior.  I found this interview of Google  CEO Eric Schmidt  http://bit.ly/4vYOGk .  This is 2009 and he is spouting the same line as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  He calls us “miscreants.”  Note the significance of the comment about the Patriot Act.  MSNBC picks up the story here: on.msnbc.com/mPlcff .  Google continues to dig its heels in further, which intrigues me as to their motivations.

San Francisco’s BART censored wireless cell phone service in order to thwart a protest on their property.  The ACLU calls it unconstitutional censorship: http://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech/cell-phone-censorship-san-francisco

Miso Susanowa has a new blog called Netpolitik, which is dedicated to The Politics of Information  http://netpolitiks.blogspot.com/2011/08/netpolitik-politics-of-information.html



Today’s Dramas

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We lost Brinda today. I admit I cried.

In answer to the complaint: “If you don’t like it, don’t use it,” We find a novel reply. Google+ is *not* free.  We pay by providing the information that they monetize.  Therefore, since we are paying for the product, we have the right to complain about it.  http://socialmediacollective.org/2011/08/11/if-you-dont-like-it-dont-use-it-its-that-simple-orly/

Today’s Dramas

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A cheeky British Meeroo is going around spreading a vicious rumor that some of us are planning a Meeroo BBQ.

Aug 10th started out with “Anonymous will kill Facebook on November 5th” going viral.  No one seems to tweet the primary source, which is: http://youtu.be/SWQTS8zqYXU Anonymous now claims that video is a fake.  Facebook goes down anyway.

Today’s Dramas

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SpotON3D applies for FIVE patents in regard to their development of a Web Viewer for Open Sim.

Thirza Ember threatens to unfollow anyone else who tweets about Google+.

Numbskulls blame London riots on social networks like twitter.  Threaten to ban and confiscate blackberries.


Today’s Dramas

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Anonymous hacks the Syrian Defense Ministry’s website. Takes hours for major news outlets to pick up the news. Twitter wins hands down.

Nymday, Nymday, gotta get down on Nymday.  Aug 8 started off with a bang with #nymday .  Tweeters and Google+ profiles support Nymday with single color profile pics. bit.ly/phI7cJ



Today’s Dramas

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At the risk of attracting the attention of the Google Banhammer:


The SpotOn3D vs Kitely drama continues.


The comments here are especially revealing:



Daily Dramas

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The Meeroo BBQ has been postponed due to inclement weather. #omgmeerooBBQ

My Google+ profile was mysteriously reinstated after almost three weeks of being suspended.  Did I win?

Some peeps on Google+ want to temporarily change their names to “Spartacus” in protest.  This sounds risky to me.

@garethnelson calls bullshit on Spoton3D. claims Prior Art on web viewer since 2008: https://github.com/GarethNelson/slfirefox

Daily Dramas

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Current Dramas:

Meeroos starve due to Lindens suspending the wrong account.

Google+ continues suspending accounts.  Twitter talk changes to speculation on ultimate failure of Google+. twitter hashtags: #nymwars, #plusgate, #googlegate

SpotOn3D and Kitely butt heads over patent claim for web viewer.

Trying to get Philip Linden to LISTEN!

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What’s Behind the E8 Ball?

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A continuation on my E8 theme, but a deeper inquiry into the mystery of its symmetries.

Wizzy’s Free Fake Pride Tee Shirt.

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Wizzy's Fake Pride tee

My Fake Pride tee shirt is now available here: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2039135

or Inworld here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Giradikon/167/53/82

Join the Anti-Facebook Discrimination League NOW!


Happy Solstice to all my Peeps in the Metaverse!

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The Mush Room

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The other night I had the very good fortune to attend a preview of a wonderful new build in Second Life.  This one is entitled “Mush Room” and was built by Scottius Polke, one of my newest friends.  My first visit was rather laggy due to the number of avies present, but the sim still allowed Bettina Tizzy and me to jump up and down on the bed with Scottius, pretending that we were schoolchildren again.

Bettina Tizzy and Wizzy jumping up and down on the bed with Scottius Polke.

Then I ended up climbing into the bed with Miso Susanowa.  Ssssh.  Don’t tell anyone!  okay?

The Mush Room is a delight.  There are lots of weird and wacky surprises in store for you as you snoop around in here – from dirty socks laying on the floor, to amoebas in the aquarium.

There are lots of things I like about this build.  I like the rendering.  I like Scottius’ use of color and the graphic method that he uses when hand-drawing his textures.  Most of all I like the lack of pretension present here.  Scottius doesn’t take himself too seriously, and neither do we. We are here to just have fun and hang out with him.

I have the pleasure to announce that Scottius has a little alcove off to the side where he has just made some of these wacky creations available for sale.  I bought a couple of dirty socks (buy two or three as gifts!) and a kewl amoeba clock.  But the kewlest thing is that you can now purchase your very own copy of Max the Mushroom!  Max is the gigantic mushroom who has these antennae sticking out of his cap, with eyes on the end of the stalks.  And when you click on him he releases purple spores into your immediate vicinity.  So be careful with your clicking.

I bought Max the Mushroom and some dirty socks and took them home with me.

There are other things available here too, like some smaller mushrooms and copies of the colorful textures Scottius uses on the build.

A good artist makes his work look easy.  There’s an elegance in simplicity.  There’s a simplicity here in conception, simplicity in execution.

Tp over and take a look –>http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cetus/223/111/31 .  You won’t be sorry.

The Flat Earth Society

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I don’t know what got into me.  Back in August of 2007 (I was only a n00b then) I foolishly got it into my head to try to find out the names of the Second Life continents.  I did all kinds of research.  I googled like mad.  I checked the Secondlife forums (as advised).  I found out virtually nothing.  No pun intended.

Then one day I happened upon Hoboland.  And there was a map of the world, with five continents mapped… and their names.  With further research though, there appeared to be an as yet uncharted landmass out there.  And so I posted my attempt at the SL World Map of the Six Known Continents:

At least I was honest.  I indicated up front that I didn’t know the name of the sixth continent.  Compare my attempt with this one of about the same time period:

This is from a blog of September 23, 2007:  http://internationalschoolsisland.blogspot.com/2007/09/where-in-world-are-we.html

Where in the aitch ee double toothpicks does he come up with the name of Korea?!!

This is another attempt that is derivative of that last one:

These guys evidently think that Nautilus is made up of two continents.

Since that time I recall that I harassed the landlord at Hoboland about the fact that his map kept getting out of date.  I just now went back to see what he has up there and evidently he gave up long ago trying to keep up with the Lindens and their expansionist tendencies.

I recalled then that Carl Metropolitan used to have a bunch of historical SL World Maps displayed down at NCI, so I went down there looking for that, but it had all been taken down.  So then I called up Carl and asked him if he still had all those maps.  Gloriosky!  He called me right back and said yeah he did.  And then he sent me full permission copies of his whole damn collection!

Now meanwhile, I was obsessing big time.  I found some of the old maps on display (but not downloadable) here:

The SL History Museum


But since they weren’t downloadable I decided to post Carl’s collection to the Flickr “Maps of Second Life” group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1006677@N20/pool/

And so there they all are.  You can peruse them all now at your leisure and I dare you to try to figure out the names of the continents.  As for me, I’m just too exhausted!

Squeezed through the eighth dimensional portal…

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Yesterday, my one month occupancy of the Rezzable Visions sim came to an end.  At the end of September, RightAsRain Rimbaud (of Rezzable) challenged me to make my vision a reality.  Thus began October 2008, the most frantic, yet productive month of my Second Life.

My vision was to give the world a glimpse of something truly wonderful and beautiful — the E8 Polytope.

A Polytope is what we would call a polyhedron, only it lives in a higher dimension than our own.  The E8 Group is an elegantly beautiful geometrical lattice.  Some mathematicians call it the most beautiful object known.  The E8 Polytope lives in the 8th Dimension.  Our feeble human minds can’t intuit what an eight Dimensional object looks like, but we can imagine what its three dimensional shadow looks like.  And that’s what this is — one projection, or rotation, of the eight dimensional object and its three dimensional shadow.

I had been building geometric objects in Second Life for over a year.  I started out slow, like we all do.  I took as many building and scripting classes as I could take, but ultimately I found the best way to learn to build in Second Life was to find a good mentor.  Luckily, I found one of the best.  The mentor I found was a builder named Furia Freeloader.  Furia is a master builder and she helped to show me the ropes.

At first, Furia let me build on a private area of her Taris sim.  It was there that I started to hone my skills and zero in on geometric polyhedra.  I built manually and by hand, using only my eye and the SL building interface.  I built a huge, hollow geometric object that I later discovered was called a stellated rhombicuboctahedron.  I made two versions, one of crystal and one that was old and rusty metal.

Then I challenged myself to build the five Platonic Solids.  This proved to be more difficult than it seems.  Second Life’s interface is less than user friendly.  There’s a steep learning curve and the hardest thing was learning its built-in limitations.  The infrastructure has some annoying glitches one has to get used to.

The most annoying of these is the common occurrence of watching the rotation jump to a new setting on its own.  (The rotations are three numbers that define the yaw, pitch and roll of an object you are building.)  One has to achieve a zen-like state of patience when building in SL, and you can’t let these kinds of annoyances become Gumption Traps.  There are many of these one butts heads up against whilst building in SL.

I apologize for peppering my narrative with phrases and notions like Gumption Trap.  I’ll try to explain them as I go along.  Gumption Trap is a term that Robert Pirsig uses in his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a trap that can cause you to lose your gumption.  In other words, you can lose your momentum and the project you are working on can stall out and fail.

We successfully built the E8 Polytope in the early part of September and spent the month tinkering and fine-tuning the presentation.  By “we” I mean Desdemona Enfield and I.  Desdemona and I built the E8 as a team.  At first rezzing, the object appeared at almost 3,000 prims.  Some of the struts flickered a lot, which led to the realization that we had duplicate (or redundant) struts.  The reason for this soon became obvious.

The three dimensional object is a shadow of the eight dimensional object.  When the source object is rotated, some of the struts line up and overlap.  Once we identified these, we were able to remove them and soon the prim count was down to around 1,400.

That last week of September was a frantic one.

Soon the object was demonstrated for physicists from CalTech, the Los Alamos Research Laboratory, the University of Michigan and Saint Lawrence University.  Based on the enthusiastic response, I decided I wanted to show the object at Second Life’s annual Burning Life festival.

I managed to win a Theme Camp plot based on my proposal, but soon discovered the disappointing news that I had only 500 prims to work with on that plot.  It is difficult to squeeze a 1400 prim object onto a 500 prim parcel!

The first plan was to display the 3D object with its 2D shadow cast beneath it on the hard playa ground.  The idea was to imply the existence of a higher dimensional object casting these shadows.  I actually attempted to use a temp rez system to squeeze the object within the required prim count, but this succeeded only in causing the entire Burning Life sim to crash!

After I abandoned that plan, I had to make do with photographs of the object.  I selected other geometric objects that I had found embedded within the 3D structure.  These were beautiful in themselves.  Next, the idea was to provide a link back to the sim where the object was rezzed, so it could actually be seen by those who were interested.

The next challenge arose when the Burning Life Ranger staff objected to the links.  They suggested that this was nothing more than advertising for my home sim, and advertising is banned at Burning Life.  I dug my heels in about that objection and argued that this was for educational purposes and the Rangers backed down and didn’t pursue the issue.

Meanwhile, my friend Glyph Graves was helping me with scripts that allowed the E8 to cycle through the different colored struts of the object.  The struts are colored by strut length.  Displaying only one color at a time revealed interesting sub-structures within the object.

Once that project was completed, RightAsRain Rimbaud came to see the object and it was then that he invited me to fulfill my vision on the Rezzable Visions sim for the whole month of October!

Now I had two big projects to pull off at the same time.  Some days I worked in Second Life for almost 25 hours straight, all the while trying to explore the other builds at Burning Life.

As an artist, I work intuitively.  I trust and let my intuition guide me.  The idea of building the E8 Polytope came to me after watching a YouTube video produced by New Scientist Magazine.  In the video, a physicist named Garrett Lisi proposes a startling new Unified Field Theory using the beautiful geometry of the E8 Group.  After my work of building Sacred Geometry objects in Second Life, the challenge of building the 3D version of the E8 seemed a perfect fit.

I contacted Garrett and proposed my idea.  His enthusiastic suggestions helped to direct the focus of the project to a specific 3D object called the E8 Polytope.  I kept Lisi posted on the progress of the project as it unfolded.

Garrett happens to be a Burner – which means he likes to go to the real Burning Man in the Nevada desert.  I sent him photos of my SL Burning Life plot with the E8 Polytope and its shadow on the playa.  I suggested to him that he should come and take a look for himself.

And then I told him about the Rezzable Visions sim dedicated to the E8 Polytope. The day the sim opened, October 1st, Garrett Lisi’s avatar (named Garrett Netizen) appeared on the sim.  I was in a bit of a state of shock as I showed him around and I noticed that he seemed surprisingly adept for a newbie. (This is not surprising I guess because after all he is a genius.)  Then I tp’d him to the Burning Life camp and it was then that I told him about the official sim opening I had planned for Sunday, October 5th.

I also invited Hamlet Au (formerly Hamlet Linden) to the official opening.

Burning Life ended on Saturday and on Sunday I officially opened the Rezzable Visions sim.  A group of my SL friends were on hand, standing about inside the E8 Polytope when Garrett Lisi appeared on the sim again.  This time Hamlet Au was on hand to document the event.  He published his account of the opening in his New World Notes blog on October 7th.  http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/10/universe-in-the.html

Meanwhile, Hermes Kondor was so impressed by the sim exhibit that he invited me to do a “conference” on the subject of Sacred Geometry on Sunday, October 12th.  Once I agreed to that I was scrambling to prepare that class and the accompanying slide show. The Sacred Geometry Conference was a big success, with Hermes requesting a continuing class on the subject.

Freelife Magazine’s Lucien Franciosa interviewed me for a feature article and we did a photo shoot.  The article came out in the October 15th issue.

Nepherses Amat next invited me to prepare an art show on the Angelgate sim, to open on October 19th. I decided that the Angelgate show would feature a fourth dimensional object called the 600-Cell Polytope.  While I was preparing that show, Pixels Sideways invited me to participate in another art show at the Caerleon sim.  That show would have a dream theme.

This last news meant that I would again be opening two shows on the same day!  I had a flash of insight and my intuition told me to make an SL replica of Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine for that show.

The Angelgate show opening was a lag-fest as the sim was full to capacity.  I produced a video that introduces the featured object — the four dimensional 600-Cell Polytope — and the many polyhedra I found within it.

The Caerleon art show is a success as well, with some of the best of SL’s builder/artists participating.  It is an honor to be included with the likes of Glyph Graves, Pixel Sideways, White Lebed, Bryn Oh, Olza Koencamp and Blue Tsuki.  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caerleon%20Isle/199/46/1911

And on October 23rd, Cypress Rosewood did me the honor of performing some of his original “Space” music on the Rezzable Visions sim.  Cypress has an audio stream that I find to be appropriate for my builds and I have it streaming at all of them.


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