Not Possible in Second Life – NPISL

G2 Proto gave me four regions on the Reaction Open Sim Grid to build and display my E8 Polytopes.  So I rezzed the newest E8  “Concentric Circles”  on the Wizzy sim and the older E8  “4_21 Gossett”   on the Xeno sim next door.  I stretched them so that they almost fill a whole sim each.

Sim-Sized E8 Polytope

Sim-Sized E8 Polytope

This is not possible in Second Life due to the stretch limitation of ten meters.  The circular base under the E8 in the photo above is 200 meters in diameter.

Wizzy's 4 sims @ Reaction Grid

Wizzy's 4 sims @ Reaction Grid

This is the way the four sims appear on the Open Sim map.  Obviously, there’s a problem with the rendering program, but it gives you an idea of the scale.

Two Sim-Sized E8 Polytopes - on the left "Concentric Circles - on the right "4_21 Gossett"

Two Sim-Sized E8 Polytopes - on the left "Concentric Circles" - on the right "4_21 Gossett"

Reaction Grid ( seems to have a working relationship with Intel and Microsoft.  According to G2 Proto, Intel has developed a strategy to increase the concurrent avatars on an Open Sim to 150.  If true, this would be the long-awaited solution to the laggy sim.  And he says that Microsoft is bringing their Open Sims to the Reaction Grid.  This may mean some good traffic to see the E8 Polytope works that I have done in collaboration with Desdemona Enfield.

Go and check it out and set your draw distance to 512.  I recommend downloading the Hippo Open Sim viewer (from  Then you will have to add the Reaction Grid to the list of Grids.

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