Building on Wizzy sim @ Rezzable Open Sim

RightAsRain Rimbaud gave me two regions to build on the Rezzable Open Sim.  I’ve been testing it out and it seems to be almost identical to the Reaction Grid.  I can get to the Rezzable grid direct using a new shortcut for the SL viewer, but I would really like to use the Hippo Open Sim viewer.  The main reason for this is that the viewer allows building 256 meter objects (provided the server code allows it.)  I actually was able to log in with the Hippo viewer once.  But not since then.

I did a little testing and found that scripts weren’t working on my Wizzy region.  This is consistent with the behavior I observed at Reaction Grid.  With Open Sim 0.6.1 the script engine keeps breaking and is unreliable.  The engine can’t seem to handle much of a load.  On Reaction grid it would slow down and break after I rezzed about 3000 objects with active scripts.  I selected and “Inactivated” the scripts, but even so the script engine broke down.  Some regions continue to work though.  The behavior is inconsistent.  This is the issue:

Also the LSL function ( llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName());) that can be used to delete out the active scripts from the objects doesn’t work in Open Sim 0.6.1 or is not enabled.  This is a serious bug and if fixed could be a workaround for the major issue above.

I went to the Rezzable 5 region and found that scripts were working there.  So I rezzed a complex geometric object (Compound 5 Octahedra) and added a rotation script, then copied it and rezzed it on Wizzy.  And there it is now.

Rezzing a Compound 5 Octahedra @ Rezzable Open Sim

Rezzing a Compound 5 Octahedra @ Rezzable Open Sim

Linking Prims and Changing Colors

Linking Prims and Changing Colors

Rezzed on Wizzy Sim @ Rezzable Grid

Rezzed on Wizzy Sim @ Rezzable Grid

My Goth Outfit

My Goth Outfit

I'm a Goth!

I'm a Goth!


5 Responses to “Building on Wizzy sim @ Rezzable Open Sim”

  1. Desdemona Enfield Says:

    Desdemona is trying to report the issue to the Mantis issue tracker on, but the account creation process was botched (she used a valid email address and yet did not get the validation email) and now she is blocked from re-registering for a week until her name falls off the list of account names waiting for validation.

  2. Wizzy–actually we are running 0.621 and I need to check, but we are not running the xengine for scripting either. But it is probably a good idea to post the server recipe so people can try to figure it what is broken. I will get that sorted on Monday.

    So update here on our findings about various build bugs

    Glad you finally got it to work! Keep trying to break it!

  3. I’m looking into why your sims did not have scripting ability. I’m betting it had to do with some tests being done that leaked into your grid. I’ll have answers by Monday on it, regardless.

  4. so it works now?! ;p

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