Electrum Spiral @ Caerleon Art Collective

I’m working on this new thing.  It started out as a sketch on graph paper in RL.  Then I turned it into a 3 foot by 3 foot painting:

Original Spiral Fractal painting in RL

Original Spiral Fractal painting in RL

Then I rendered it in prims in SL in 2D.

Spiral Fractal rendered in prims in SL

Then I turned it into 3D in SL.

Soror Nishi asks if I could put some steps up to the fractal.

Soror Nishi asks if I could put some steps up to the fractal.

At the suggestion of Desdemona Enfield, I knocked out some of the cubes and this is the result:


We put those cubes back in and it starts to look like a twisted Mondrian painting:

Copyright © Wizard Gynoid 2009

Copyright © Wizard Gynoid 2009

I asked Xenophile Neurocam if he knew anything about this fractal.  Because it’s definitely not the Golden Spiral.  It’s not derived from a Golden Rectangle and it doesn’t encode the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series.

My good friend Xeno is so smart.  He said look into something called the “Pythagoras Tree.”

Bingo!  Discovered by Albert E. Bosman (1891-1961), a dutch mathematics teacher, in 1942.


This version is different from all other variations I’ve seen of the Pythagoras Tree, so I’m calling it an “Electrum Spiral” because it’s definitely not the Golden Spiral.  Electrum is an alchemical mixture of Gold and Silver and the other five classical metals.

You can see it at my new parcel on the Caerleon Art Collective sim, courtesy of Georg Janick:


2 Responses to “Electrum Spiral @ Caerleon Art Collective”

  1. The more I look into this, the more I think this is a unique spiral. It seems hard to believe that the ancients would not have discovered this spiral, since it is very simply made with only squares and right triangles, but I have found no evidence of it previous to this. The Pythagoras Tree is not the same thing, though it is similar. A Pythagoras Tree is not constructed with right triangles.

  2. Jakabok Rookstown Says:

    I like the subdued tones of the 3 X 3 RL work. Checked out the SL progression and loved them too! But still like hangin’ stuff on walls. The Pythagorean glide is a cool serpentine slide and with a matchachillo to sip on would be a retinal pleasure to indulge in over some sound syntax! Keep up the great work and hope to bump into you in-world sometime!


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