What’s Behind the E8 Ball?

A continuation on my E8 theme, but a deeper inquiry into the mystery of its symmetries.

2 Responses to “What’s Behind the E8 Ball?”

  1. Love the new look…hmmm Still going hard at it I see, haven’t seen you for awhile Wizzy if you want just dial Health Commons in a Stargate and you should be inside the Tardis console I left near Lightning Temple. Would like to see some of your new work sometime looks very interesting – careful you don’t weird out the laws governing reality with your works!!

  2. Wow – what an inspiration! I was visiting the SL7B area and saw your work and was mesmerized for like hours! So i started doing research in RL and am now busy doing tons of remedial math in order to build up to understanding these concepts and principals. Thank you for the brain boost!

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