Trying to get Philip Linden to LISTEN!

5 Responses to “Trying to get Philip Linden to LISTEN!”

  1. seem like residents have been trying that for seven years now =p

  2. Thoth's Light Table Says:

    Try microwaving him on 4 – 10 Hz – either that or zap him in a REM state. Definitely: ought to do the trick. Failing that introduce him to Nicky Flamel – he and Pernelle should be headed out your way in the not too distant future. Love the E8 evolution – wait till you try E64! Who wants to go to the Pleiades anyways? One sister is hard enough let alone 7+. Scorpio is more fun too! TTFN

  3. Thoth – don’t mess with the 7 Sisters -_-

    • Thoth's Light Table Says:

      “My original post was emotional, childish and wrong; I have admitted this over and over.” Lol.

  4. Thoth's Light Table Says:

    BTW…What exactly did you want Philip Linden to listen to? Beautiful new geometries; sacred and architectural – the last one (May SL) could have been a veritable blueprint for Cthulhu’s residence and/or a new arts centre!

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