Today’s Dramas

Anonymous hacks the Syrian Defense Ministry’s website. Takes hours for major news outlets to pick up the news. Twitter wins hands down.

Nymday, Nymday, gotta get down on Nymday.  Aug 8 started off with a bang with #nymday .  Tweeters and Google+ profiles support Nymday with single color profile pics.



2 Responses to “Today’s Dramas”

  1. all good on the drama front then…

  2. *pewpewpewpew* *explosion, distant*

    Sir! I mean Ma’am! *hasty salute*
    Local drama has been overtaken by world drama, SIR!
    I mean MA’AM! *hasty salute the 2nd*

    The active front has moved Eastward to the British Isles.
    Only a few stragglers currently, Ma’am, but I’m sure the
    drama will circle back eventually.

    It’s a good chance for the men to relax, Ma’am.
    Perhaps a screening of The Sound Of Music or a few episodes of My Little Pony will settle them down; there’s a strong contingent of Bronys in this group.


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