Newly Discovered Complex Polyhedron

While I was in my workshop on Inworldz, playing around with various shapes that are made of the Golden Rhombus, by accident I stumbled upon a previously undiscovered complex polyhedron.  I went online and searched for any information about this particular shape and couldn’t find anything.  I found a similar object on Wolfram, but this one is definitely different.

The Golden Rhombus is a geometric object of Sacred Geometry.  This is because the width to length is in the Golden Ratio – Phi.  This particular object is made up of 222 equal faces that are the Golden Rhombus.  The object has 444 edges.

Since I have previously discovered the Wizardgynoiderene and the Rhombic Gynoidahedron, I am naming this object the Fractal Rhombic Triagynoidahedron.  The object is now on display on my “Wizard” sim in .

222 equal faces, 444 edges.

2 Responses to “Newly Discovered Complex Polyhedron”

  1. Xah Lee pointed out that this is a zonohedra. Russell Towle’s explored zonohedra in Mathematica before his death in 2008. What I have discovered is a tool in Second Life that will let me generate zonohedra. I believe the discovery of zonohedra to be akin to Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of his fractal set.

  2. *will testify for your Nobel Prize* I can’t understand the math, but I CAN understand the achievement and see the beauty of it. Congratulations!

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