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@anonymous seems to accomplish what it sets out to do, perhaps purely due to the inertia of such big numbers.  Four BART stations shut down peacefully today after hacking two websites yesterday.

Today’s Dramas

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The Inara Pey Drama

Inara Pey has a blog.  I don’t know the woman but I’m sure she’s a nice lady.  She likes to blog about SL issues.  Recently she blogged about the SpotOn3d Copyright and Patent issues (which I have presented as a continuing Drama here.)  This is admirable, however after I mentioned in a comment that I found it distracting that over half of the words (5 or 6) meant to read as “patent” read “patient,”and that “license” was misspelled as “licence,” she took umbrage.  I read a lot of blogs and most of them make an attempt to edit their work.  As for comments about things of this nature, it has been my experience that reasonable bloggers simply acknowledge their mistake, thank you for your attention and move on.   Ms. Pey attempted to correct the numerous misspellings of “patient,” but left two.  It appears she wants to leave the impression that there were only two inadvertent misspellings.  She then deleted my comment, leaving my second comment about the spelling of the word “license.” It’s apparent from the context that there is a deleted comment.

Today Ms. Pey blogged a summary of Rod Humble’s keynote address at SLCC.  This too is laudable.  However, she made a mistake quoting Rodvik as saying that Secondlife’s annual income is over $75 million.  I’ve been following Secondlife’s financial claims closely and I knew this not to be factually correct, and I was certain Rodvik hadn’t actually said that.

I posted a follow-up comment that confirmed that Rodvik had said, “We publicly say that our top-line is at least $75 million.”  Top-line means Revenue, not Income.

Then I happened to notice that the blog had been changed so that “income” had been replaced by the hyphenated word “top-line.”  When I posted the second comment my first one disappeared.  It had been deleted.

Then my second comment disappeared.  Evidently, Ms. Pey had seen fit to correct her mistake but didn’t want anyone to see my comment, in the same manner as the earlier blog.  To me, this looks like pretending that no mistake had ever been made.  Perhaps she was hoping I wouldn’t notice.  I left another comment that read, “I think it would be a good idea for you to leave my post. i have screenshots that you are removing them.”  This comment then disappeared.

This was too much.  I posted a tweet about what was happening and the last comment suddenly reappeared, along with a reply that said, “The one-word error has been corrected. Grow up and stop making silly threats.” At this time, this comment and reply remain on the blog along with my final comment.  The blog post has been locked from further comment. But you will see that Ms. Pey can’t spell the word “international” as well.  I have also been blocked from following her on Twitter.

See for yourself:

Today’s Dramas

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Google continues it’s asshat behavior.  I found this interview of Google  CEO Eric Schmidt .  This is 2009 and he is spouting the same line as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  He calls us “miscreants.”  Note the significance of the comment about the Patriot Act.  MSNBC picks up the story here: .  Google continues to dig its heels in further, which intrigues me as to their motivations.

San Francisco’s BART censored wireless cell phone service in order to thwart a protest on their property.  The ACLU calls it unconstitutional censorship:

Miso Susanowa has a new blog called Netpolitik, which is dedicated to The Politics of Information



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We lost Brinda today. I admit I cried.

In answer to the complaint: “If you don’t like it, don’t use it,” We find a novel reply. Google+ is *not* free.  We pay by providing the information that they monetize.  Therefore, since we are paying for the product, we have the right to complain about it.

Today’s Dramas

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A cheeky British Meeroo is going around spreading a vicious rumor that some of us are planning a Meeroo BBQ.

Aug 10th started out with “Anonymous will kill Facebook on November 5th” going viral.  No one seems to tweet the primary source, which is: Anonymous now claims that video is a fake.  Facebook goes down anyway.

Today’s Dramas

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SpotON3D applies for FIVE patents in regard to their development of a Web Viewer for Open Sim.

Thirza Ember threatens to unfollow anyone else who tweets about Google+.

Numbskulls blame London riots on social networks like twitter.  Threaten to ban and confiscate blackberries.


Today’s Dramas

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Anonymous hacks the Syrian Defense Ministry’s website. Takes hours for major news outlets to pick up the news. Twitter wins hands down.

Nymday, Nymday, gotta get down on Nymday.  Aug 8 started off with a bang with #nymday .  Tweeters and Google+ profiles support Nymday with single color profile pics.



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At the risk of attracting the attention of the Google Banhammer:

The SpotOn3D vs Kitely drama continues.

The comments here are especially revealing:


Daily Dramas

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The Meeroo BBQ has been postponed due to inclement weather. #omgmeerooBBQ

My Google+ profile was mysteriously reinstated after almost three weeks of being suspended.  Did I win?

Some peeps on Google+ want to temporarily change their names to “Spartacus” in protest.  This sounds risky to me.

@garethnelson calls bullshit on Spoton3D. claims Prior Art on web viewer since 2008:

Daily Dramas

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Current Dramas:

Meeroos starve due to Lindens suspending the wrong account.

Google+ continues suspending accounts.  Twitter talk changes to speculation on ultimate failure of Google+. twitter hashtags: #nymwars, #plusgate, #googlegate

SpotOn3D and Kitely butt heads over patent claim for web viewer.