New videos of some of my work.

Xenophile Neurocam recently posted some machinima footage that he shot at my Rezzable Visions show in October 2008:

Kumi Kuhr posted a short machinima video shot of my 6,672 prim E8 Polytope structure built on Butler sim:

Nitwacket published machinima video of Burning Life 2008 which includes some footage of my build “It Came from the 8th Dimension”:

2 Responses to “New videos of some of my work.”

  1. Good compilation of vids, hope you continue making great stuff and documenting it. The crystal E8 is fantastic – very impressive work. Is the e8 polytope etched into the crystal with lasers or something. I bet you could get a holographic version done too – the image in the crystal 3d.

  2. Yes, the E8 is laser etched into the crystal cube.

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